Eleven homes likely destroyed in mobile home park drowning in flood water

Residents still waiting for water to recede

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - At least 11 homes in the Imperial Estates Mobile Home Park in Brooksville are flooded after a pounding from Tropical Storm Debby.

People living in the park are still waiting for the water to recede before they can assess the damage and see if anything is salvageable.

"Some of the stuff we put up high might be salvageable, but who needs it, you know?  Who needs pillows?" Said Klaus Kiefer with a chuckle, pointing to his half submerged home.

Kiefer took a paddle boat up to his porch to get a better look at the damage -- it was his first time seeing it up close since the rain started rushing in Sunday night.

"Some how I've got faith enough to know that we'll survive this one," he said.

Of the 11 flooded homes, about half are owned by snow birds, so they have yet to see the damage.

Woody Wirtz, manager of the park, said in some areas of the park, the flood water is about chest deep.

"Once a mobile home gets wet like that, it's pretty much ruined.  They've got particle board floors, so the floors are gone," he said. "I would imagine that most of them will wind up getting pulled out of here."

The majority of the residents in the park don't have flood insurance because Wirtz said the rates are too expensive due to the age of the homes.

"I've been very emotional for the last couple days. I feel very sorry for the people -- they're displaced," he said. "We've had this park since 1976 and we've never seen anything like this."

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