Domestic violence situation ends with dad killing his two kids, then himself in Spring Hill

Friends feel he should have known

SPRING HILL, Fla. - According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, sometime over the course of the weekend, a father took the lives of his two children and then his own.

Jose Guerrero was a personal friend of the family. He read ABC Action News' John Thomas a text he received from the kids' mom right after she found out her children were gone.

"Danny killed himself and he took my kids with him," it read.

'Danny' is 30-year-old Daniel Castrillon, who shot his two children, 7-year-old Sabastion and 8-year-old Susana while they were sleeping.

"A case of domestic violence that turned deadly and unfortunately took  couple of innocent young lives," is how  Sheriff Al Nienhuis described it.

Close friends like Jose Guerrero and his wife, Francia, said their friends were having problems and that they had recently separated in the last month.

The wife, and mother of the two kids, Luz Jimenez, according to the Sheriff's Office, actually had filed for divorce on October 12.

But the two were still communicating and both still caring for the kids. But Last Friday, things got heated when Daniel went to pick up the kids from Luz at work and they got into an argument.

Things cooled down and Daniel left with his son and daughter.

After not hearing from them all weekend though, Luz contacted the Sheriff's Office to do a welfare check on the home.

It was at that time the kids were discovered shot and killed. The body of the Susana found next to her father lying in bed.

For Jose Guerrero, he just can't believe he didn't see the signs that things were so bad.

Geurrero said when he spoke to Daniel on Friday, he knew things were not right.

But when he messaged him later on, Daniel responded saying he was fine.

However Daniel was not fine, and now Jose feels he should have seen it coming, reflecting with a heavy heart.

"Maybe i didn't know him," he said.

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