Developers say Hernando Beach project will help not hurt

Designs include nature plaza and lodge

Hernando Beach resident Forrest Bennett says a proposed environmental center will hurt, not help, his neighborhood.
"They want to build an environmental center by destroying wetlands," he said.
Bennett says project doesn't belong in his neighborhood.
"It is not a tourist destination," he said.
Gordon Wolf and his brother, Ron, say their design won't affect the neighboring wetlands around the Blue Pelican Marina. But they say it will help the community.
"Working with the county, we pretty much came up with ideas that would be good for local residents as well as the tourists," Gordon Wolf said.
The brothers are working on designs for the Nature Coast educational plaza, featuring a museum, visitors center and an outdoor amphitheater.
They also have a model for a lodge with rental cabins and a restaurant.
"Growth is inevitable. Thirty years ago there weren't as many people here. But today is today, and in 10 years, there'll be more people here, so it's an opportunity to develop the roads and look at the systems for the future," Wolf said.
Bennett was the first to notice a yellow rezoning sign in the area. And he's spending much of his free time rallying other residents.
"I started talking to the neighbors. No one knew anything about this project," Bennett said.
Since word got out, the Wolf brothers say more than a hundred people have stopped by the marina to find out about the project.
And the biggest concern seems to be about increased traffic on narrow Shoal Line Boulevard.
Details and dollars are still to be worked out before this ever becomes reality.
Residents can find out more Thursday night. A public hearing is scheduled at the Hernando Beach Coast Guard Auxiliary at 7 p.m.


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