Deputies say two children were removed from a Citrus County home where meth was cooked

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. - A meth bust in Citrus County ended with three arrests and two children being removed from a home.

Denise Stuebs, 29,  Leonard Williams, 29, and Jacob Stuebs, 21, were all arrested at 2095 N. McGee Drive in Hernando Monday.

According to deputies, in the home's master bedroom they found a syringes which tested positive for meth, numerous spoons and other paraphernalia used to inject meth.  An arrest affidavit states that all these items also tested positive for meth.

In the yard, deputies say they discovered lithium battery casings which had the lithium removed.  Also, the remnants of a one-pot methamphetamine cook and an HCL gas generator were located in a burn pit, deputies said.

Inside a shed located in the yard, deputies say they discovered two bottles of muriatic acid, ammonia nitrate, more battery casings, meth oil and a fire extinguisher among other items used to cook meth.

Deputies say Denise Stuebs, a nurse, confessed to buying ephedrine for a suspect who was not at the home at the time the search warrant was executed.  She also admitted to giving the suspect rides to and from the store to purchase chemicals.  In exchange for these rides, Stuebs allegedly told deputies she would receive meth once it was cooked.

An arrest affidavit shows Stuebs would prepare syringes with meth to inject herself.  Deputies say she used her expertise as a nurse to prepare the syringes.

According to deputies, Williams also admitted to driving the suspect to buy chemicals to cook meth and receiving meth in exchange for the rides.

Jacob Stuebs also spoke to authorities.  He admitted to helping cook the meth along with Williams and another suspect, the arrest affidavit states.

Both Stuebs and Williams allegedly told deputies the two children living in the home were present while meth was being cooked.

A Haz-Mat team did respond to the home and dispose of the materials.

The Department of Children and Families removed two children from the home and placed them with relatives.

All three suspects were arrested and are each recieved bonds exceeding $150,000.

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