Brothers arrested for selling drugs near elementary school


"I'm just shocked more than anything," said Kristen Alaimo as she picked up her child from school at Crystal River Primary. 
"I'm not too thrilled about that, for sure," said fellow parent Sean Stevens
These parents reacted to news that two brothers were busted Thursday on numerous drug and gun charges.  Citrus County deputies said the brothers, Quadrey Sweeney and William Wilson, bought and sold drugs out of their home on NE 6th Street, which is directly across the street from Crystal River Primary. 
"I can't believe someone would have the nerve to sell drugs across the street from a primary school,"
said Alaimo. 
Deputies said they've been conducting surveillance on the brothers' home for two months.  They said some drug transactions occurred during daytime hours as children played on the school playground. 
Both Sweeney and Wilson are convicted felons. 
Deputies said they seized one large bag of cocaine, numerous small bags of marijuana cut up for sale, two handguns and $3,000 in wadded-up cash when they raided the home. 
"Our main goal was to make sure we stop this," said the lead Detective on the case, Aiden Marshall. "This is where it ends." Marshall does not believe the two brothers are tied to a larger drug operation.  
Crystal River Primary Principal Donnie Brown said, "I feel very, very safe here." She said the school went on a short and precautionary lockdown while deputies raided the home across the street. Only a handful of kids were still at the school because of early dismissal. 
Friday morning, a judge set bail at $71,000 for Wilson and ruled no bond for Sweeney. 
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