Citrus County deputies warn Homosassa residents to lock their doors and garages

HOMOSASSA, Fla - Two home invasions in less than 24 hours have Citrus County deputies warning Homosassa residents to be on high alert.

The first home invasion occurred shortly after midnight on September 12 on S. Purslane Drive. 

"I was basically sitting outside by my pool and all of a sudden someone was pretty much up in my face with a gun to my head," recalled Bobbi Gibson

The man grabbed Gibson, 42, by her arm, pointed a gun at her and demanded jewelry.  A female then entered the porch area and the pair forced Gibson into the home.

"He kept waiving a gun and putting it to my head," Gibson explained

After ransacking Gibson's bedroom looking for valuables, the man punched Gibson in the face.  The pair then ran out through the back porch.

Gibson says she has bruises all over her body because she fell to the floor after she was punched and lost consciousness.

She had to be treated at an area hospital for her injuries.

"There was blood all over the house and it is scary to be there now," she said.

Gibson is grateful she did not lose her life and that her two children weren't home to witness what happened.  She told ABC Action News it will be hard trying to explain to her twins why her face is bruised.

She has no plans to return to her home.

The second home invasion happened Thursday evening around 9:00 p.m. on Pine Drive in Sugarmill Woods.

Paul, 25, who declined to give his last name for safety reasons, says he heard a knock at his door.  When he opened it, a man wearing a blue bandana and dark hoodie pointed a gun at him.

"I noticed a man standing in front of me with a long barreled revolver at my face," said Paul.

The man demanded money and threatened to shoot Paul.

"He said, 'Give me all your money or I am going to shoot you in your head,'" Paul recalled.

Paul told the man he left is wallet in his truck.   The man forced Paul outside at gunpoint.  After taking cash and jewelry, the man's accomplice appeared at the back of the truck.  The pair then fled the area.

Fearing the couple will become even more violent, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office put out a community alert.

"We are going to catch them and they're going to jail," said Sheriff Jeff Dawsy.  "But until then, I am urging everyone in our community to be particularly safe.   There's a guy out there with a gun and an accomplice and he's being pretty bold.  We need the public to take special safety precautions and call 911 if they see suspicious activity."

Deputies say they will up patrols in the area and make their presence known around the clock.

"They should take it [the alert] extremely serious," said Detective Matt Taylor.  "You have a couple that's going, what we think just might be randomly, going to houses and committing home invasion robberies."

Resident Rick Burns isn't taking any chances.

"I got a 9 mm packed and waiting," said Burns.

At least one other neighbor told ABC Action News they are armed with guns and won't hesitate to use them.

Residents are urged to follow these safety precautions:

  • Lock all doors and windows, including garage doors
  • Remove valuables and lock all vehicles before exiting them
  • Use outside lighting
  • Don't answer the door unless you're sure you know the person on the other side
  • Keep an eye out for your neighbors
  • Report any suspicious activity by calling 911


Purslane Dr.:

  • The man is described as a white male in his early 20s between 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall.  He is approximately 170 lbs. with brown eyes and brown hair.  At the time of the incident, he was wearing a black bandana over his face, a dark blue sweatshirt and blue jeans.  His jeans were hanging low on his hips, revealing blue boxer shorts.
  • The female is white and also in her early 20s.  She is approximately 5-foot-7 and 140 lbs.  She was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with a hood over her head and blue jeans with designs on the back pocket and white stitching.  She was also wearing heavy makeup and heavy eyeliner.

Pine Dr.:

  • The man is described as a white male, approximately 5-foot-10 to 6 feet tall, weighing approximately 150 lbs., with a slender build.  He was wearing a dark colored hoodie that covered his head with a blue bandana that covered his face.  He also had on a pair of dark gloves.  He has light eyes.


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