Two Good Samaritans rescue 84 year-old man from flooded home

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - Two men are being hailed as heroes, after saving an elderly Brooksville man from his flooded home.

Josh Sanchez and Luis Santana rescued 84 year-old Troy Fielder from his house on Broad Street, Monday Morning. Flood waters there are almost as high as the top of the front door and vehicles sit submerged in the front yard. Fielder spent the night there, alone, because his wife was in the hospital. Sanchez and Santana waded into the chest-deep water to pull him to safety.

Michael Fitzgerald was driving by Monday, when he took a picture of the rescue. Fitzgerald said, "They noticed the cars were still there. They looked over and saw movement in the house, so they went in to investigate."

Fielder's home is getting attention from just about everyone who drives by. Several people stopped to take pictures and get a look at the damage. Blaine Patrick lives in Brooksville. He said, "It's just devastating. These people have lost everything they had."

Virginia Page also lives in Brooksville. Her home was also flooded. Page said, "I can't believe it. This rain is terrible. I'm flooded myself, but I'm not under water like this!"

For now, Troy Fielder will be staying in a hotel. We're told he had some minor cuts on his feet, but is okay. He's lived at this home for 50 years and told Michael Fitzgerald he has never seen flooding like that.  

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