Brooksville residents are comparing flood waters to rapids as many roadways remain closed

BROOKSVILLE, Fla - For Robin and Dustin Lemon, checking their mailbox out on Rackley Road is downright dangerous.

Rainwater blanketed the roadway Thursday night and was rushing so rapidly, it washed out the entire roadway, leaving gaping holes, exposed drainage pipes and small debris.

"It sounded like rapids, literally," recalled Robin.

Driving their Ford Ram 2500, the Lemon family tried maneuvering what remained of the road.

"He puts it in four wheel drive so we can drive," Robin said.

As they carefully inched forward, their tires shot up sand.  Driving just a few feet, their black tires turned white as the sand stuck in the tire treads.

With the road so unstable, the Lemon children could not even catch their school bus this morning.

"We had to drive them there and then pick them up," Robin explained.

Adjacent to the road, water continues to rush in the ditch.   The water in some spots is at least three feet deep.

"All this water will run off and leave our property," said Dustin.  "I just feel bad for the people down the block."

Down the block the land is at a lower elevation.  That is where the water is pooling.

Still, the Lemon family farm did partially flood.  With horses and cows on the property, the family had to move the animals to safety twice.

"As it stops raining and the water moves we will put them back to their places.  You know, I didn't know it was going to rain like this again today, so bad," Dustin explained.

The Lemon family did not lose any livestock nor did their home flood.  However, water is covering the driveway they just redid.

Barricades are blocking off a portion of Rackley Road but on other blocks, Hernando County Sheriff's deputies are standing guard as water continues to cover the roadway.

Such is the case on Powell Road.   Deputies are directing traffic.  They're expected to stay out there all night to keep drivers safe.

As of 8 p.m., the following roadways remained closed:

  • Clinton & Providence
  • Culbreath & Race Horse Lane
  • Culbreath north of Hayman
  • Culbreath south of Powell
  • Endsley & 2397 Saturn
  • Endsley & Saturn
  • Ft. Dade 18379
  • Lakeside MHP
  • Norton & Morningside on Ft. Dade
  • Rackley-dirt road portion
  • Rackley Rd. 2337
  • Rackley Rd. 3112 close to Endsley
  • Rackley to Saturn (2740)
  • Young Rd.

Deputies also want to remind drivers to not drive through standing water and to not move barricades to drive through an area that has already been closed off, even if it appears that the water has already receded.

All roads will be evaluated periodically, according to deputies, and will re-open when it is safe to do so.

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