Armed suspect dead after Brooksville standoff

Sheriff says suspect tried to bait deputies

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - The investigation is on-going in what led to a Hernando County man's death.

It happened after deputies say he shot at them during an overnight standoff, even feigning injury to try and bait them into getting closer.

The 911 call came in after midnight.  A dispatcher could hear the sound of gunfire in the background.

It happened a home off Benes Roush road near Phillips Road.

Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis says the armed suspect, Robert Sharp, 56, was under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs fighting with his wife and firing several shots inside their home.

Sharp even called 911 himself saying he and his wife were shot and injured.

"But at that point she was already was with us and we knew she was safe, that made us very suspicious that he might not be truthful with what he was saying," said Sheriff Neinhuis.

The sheriff says the suspect was trying to bait deputies to get closer to the house.

"He came out on the porch and started firing somewhat randomly, but there was also a couple of times when he did fire in the direction of deputies," said the sheriff.

Sharp's wife who fled the house wasn't injured. Neither were the deputies he allegedly shot at.

During the standoff, one of the deputies returned fire, but the sheriff says they still aren't 100 percent sure if that proved to be the fatal strike.

After a nearly 8-hour ordeal, the 56-year-old suspect was found dead inside.

"It's gonna be several days or several weeks before we find out what exactly happened, but it was a bit unusual because this person was not only suicidal, he was definitely trying to takeout one of my deputies or more than one of my deputies," said the sheriff.


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