An admittedly drunk Brooksville woman is accused of threatening to kill a deputy's family

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla - "I will have my brother kill your entire family and I hope you said goodbye for the last time."

Authorities say Sandra Heap launched that threat at a Hernando County deputy Wednesday night who was trying to take her into protective custody.

Deputies encountered the 54-year-old when they were called to Deepwood Street due to an intoxicated pedestrian.

An arrest report states deputies found Heap lying in the front bushes of her residence.  She appeared to be highly intoxicated, according to deputies.

Heap reportedly told deputies someone came to her house, pushed her off her porch and then ran through a swamp.

Deputies searched for footprints near the swamp but did not see any.  That's when deputies asked Heap what happened again.

Heap admitted she had too much to drink, stumbled out her front door, and fell off her front porch into the bushes causing her to cut herself, an arrest report states.

Deputies say Heap became irate when they asked if there was someone who could come and take care of her.  That's when Heap tried opening up her front door.  Deputies say behind the door were several aggressive dogs, so they decided to take Heap into protective custody.

As they walked Heap to the patrol car she swore at deputies and then threatened to have the deputy's family killed, an arrest report states.

According to deputies, Heap tried to kick out the Plexiglas partition between the driver's headrest and the backseat.  That's when deputies placed Heap in shackles so she would stop kicking.

Heap was taken to Brooksville Regional Hospital.  Enroute, deputies say Heap voiced that she wanted to die and kept advising she would have her brother murder the deputy's family once she found out the deputy's last name and where he lived.

It reportedly took several deputies to bring her inside the emergency room.

While lying in the hospital bed, deputies say she repeatedly tried kicking them.

Once treated for her cut, Heap was taken to the Hernando County Detention Center.

She is charged with disorderly intoxication and was given a $500 bond.

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