83-year-old Hernando County man, Joseph Giambone, dies five weeks after severe beating

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. - An 83-year-old man has died five weeks after what seasoned detectives said was one of the more horrifying crimes they’ve investigated.

An attack that Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis described as “bloody and gruesome” occurred on March 27 in a Brooksville assisted living facility.

The victim, Joseph Giambrone, never regained consciousness and died on Saturday.
Neinuis said Brian Murphy, 23, broke into the Atria Evergreen Wood in Spring Hill, where he worked as a part time security guard and beat Giambrone and another resident in the face with a car jack,
The attack left Giambrone and Miriam Lepp, 88, with most of the bones in their faces broken, Nienhuis said. They were both lying helpless in their beds when the attack occurred, according to Murphy’s arrest affidavit.
"Both of the attacks […] were beyond brutal," the sheriff said.
A nurse witnessed the attacks and hid until a security guard intervened. The guard held Murphy down until deputies arrived.
The sheriff said Murphy was recently homeless and living in his car. At the time of the attack, he may have been looking for food and may have been on drugs.

New charges may be filed against Murphy, according to a statement.

Miriam Lepp continues to recover from the attack.

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