Rally for Michael Brown

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla - "We are fired up! We fired up!"

Starting at the Uhuru house in South St. Petersburg.of the rally for black justice leaders had this message:

"We cannot lose our children anymore”

“What we are saying is that we want to stop the next shooting and the way you do that is fighting for power as an organized community.”

So, two groups, the Uhuru Movement and African People's Socialist Party, united in their mission marched.  Holding a banner with the picture of Lewis and two other teenagers killed in St. Petersburg.  Loud chants expressing their their feelings.

“No justice no peace!”

The crowd drawing parallels between the two communities of South St. Pete and the St. Louis Suburb that has seen such emotional turmoil for two weeks now.

“We are here today because we recoginize we have our own Ferguson”


Ending at the St. Petersburg police department, the group of all ages wants not just their community but the nation to take notice.


In all they want 6 major changes, they referred to as demands, including the withdrawal of police and military and all prisoners arrested in the Ferguson rebellion, establishing a national hotline to report police activity monitored by the justice department and the arrest  Darren Wilson, the officer who reportedly killed Brown. These steps they say will help ease the tension.

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