Protestors gather as educators debate over FL Common Core

TAMPA - Protestors were beginning to gather outside of the Hillsborough County Schools building in downtown Tampa Tuesday afternoon to remove Common Core from Florida Schools.

It's just one of at least three protests happening across Tampa organized by groups wanting to halt the standardized K-12 education that's been implemented in Florida for at least three years, and across the country in 45 states.

Governor Rick Scott has called for 3 different public hearings on the topic ever since some grassroots groups have lodged a fight against it.

The first starts at 5pm at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, the others are in the Miami area and Tallahassee.

While all of this was happening, the Florida Board of Education was meeting at Tampa International Airport to discuss Common Core and other issues.

Some members discussed their support for the program, while voting down some addendums to it, while wanting to endorse Florida's own version of it.

Hillsborough County Schools superintendent MaryEllen Elia was ther representing all of Florida's superintendents who she says want to bring higher levels of education to all students.

"[We want them] to have higher skills, and when students leave, they are college and career ready and that's the goal with all of us," Elia says.

But Chris Quackenbush with Stop Common Core Florida says it will push students too hard, too early and says Common Core is an example of federal government overreach.

"It's because of the lack of individualization and the insertion of federal mandates that teachers and administrators complain about again and again," Quackenbus said.

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