Protect yourself from common dangers at the grill

Thousands of people get hurt each year grilling

Summer sizzles. Family cookouts are here.

But a few mistakes and summer time fun can turn dangerous. Every year, gas and charcoal grills cause 86,000 house fires and injures 7,000 people.

Hannah Storm is one of them. While making dinner in December of 2012, she started up the grill, went inside and returned to find no flame. Without turning the gas off, she relit the grill.

"Huge fire ball exploded," said Storm.

The explosion so intense, she suffered severe burns on her face, chest and hands.

"Pro pain is a monster, okay? You have to respect it. You have to read the grill instructions," said Storm.

Before you grill make sure you do these three things:

  • Check hoses for gas leaks.
  • Keep the lid open when lighting the grill.
  • Keep the  grill at lease ten feet away from the house.
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