Possible Top 10 Medical Marijuana Jobs in Florida

It comes to no surprise that with the medical marijuana issue being placed on the upcoming Florida ballot there has been much talk about how it could affect our state in a positive way.

Aside, from potentially attracting tourists looking for relief without breaking the law it could also bring many new employment opportunities.

That is correct! Not only can the legalization of marijuana help bring in more tourists, but it could also help decrease unemployment.

There is no way to yet know what type of professions could come out of approving the legalization of marijuana, but we have a list of the possible jobs that this new industry could create.

Below is the list of the possible top 10 medical marijuana jobs in Florida:

  1. Budtender - Deals with partakers; such as a bartender would.
  2. Marijuana Journalist - Covers budding economy.
  3. Grow Site Owner/Operator -  Assists in "making decisions about all aspects of production including location, hiring workers, fertilizer and supply acquisition, processing, sales, and distribution.
  4. Edibles Producer - Creates marijuana products you can eat.
  5. Trimmer - Harvests and processes marijuana.
  6. Salesperson - Assists in getting marijuana from producer to customer.
  7. Petitioner - Gathers signatures on pro-cannabis petitions for advocacy groups.
  8. Packing & Flower Cure Person - Organizes inventory.
  9. Marijuana Educator - Teaches people about the medical aspects of marijuana.
  10. Pot Event Planner - Organizes job fairs and conferences.
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