Will exercise or diet do more to help you lose weight in the New Year?

Hard core fitness buffs believe one works better

TAMPA - While many were sleeping off a heavy head on New Year's morning, a hardy group of fitness buffs assembled at Crossfit Jaguar in Tampa to climb ropes, push an iron sled over the parking lot asphalt and flip enormous tractor tires over and over with their bare hands.

"New Year's Day? It doesn't matter. These people were here at 9:30 when I opened the doors" said owner Paula Jager.

The gym members are not athletes in training, but made up of ordinary people including a teacher, UPS driver, pest control worker and grant writer.
They've made this grueling  routine part of their lifestyle.

 "I look forward to seeing the people I work out with. 

There's a group dynamic to it" said Shaina Sine.

None of the participants are overweight, but Amy Martin did lose 40 pounds in 2012.

"More diet than exercise" she claims.

Paula Jager, the proprietress of pain at Crossfit Jaguar also realizes  her class is not the only or even the best path to weight loss.

"Exercise is so important for all the obvious reasons, but when it comes down to losing body fat, it's about 80 percent diet" said Jager.

Jager  knows something more doctors are starting to realize. Eliminating sugary drinks, snacks and processed foods in favor of vegetables and lean protein will do more to help you shed pounds than any exercise regimen. 

Exercise and diet reinforce each other, but the reduced calorie intake is what really takes off the weight.

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