Rick Scott's administration planning to draw up another list of possible non-citizen voters

Opponents say it's political

TAMPA - When Governor Rick Scott's administration set out to purge the Florida voter roles of felons and foreigners last year, it ended with lawsuits, hurt feelings and exposed very few illegal voters.

Get ready for round two.

The Secretary of State's office is putting together what they say is a new and improved list of suspected non-citizen voters to be delivered to local election offices in about 60 days.

The initial list of suspected non-citizen voters provided by the state had over 28,000 names.  After local election offices started contacting people on those list they found most all of them were U.S. Citizens.

"There was no backup documentation of where these names came from. So when we  found that it was a bad list, we stopped the investigation" said Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections spokesperson, Gerri Kramer.
After Hillsborough and other counties stopped the purge, fewer than 200 inelibigle voters were identified statewide.
Despite the criticism that blew back to Rick Scott's office, his elections director, Maria Matthews sent out an email last week announcing they'll try again to, in their words, ensure due process and the integrity of Florida's voter rolls

Why another voter purge effort?

Matthews' email cites the recent Court decision that  overturned the federal oversight of election law in Florida and to Homeland Security's agreement to turn over their database of non citizens.
Democrats and voting rights groups call  it  another attempt to deny  the vote to left  leaning minorities in advance of Rick Scott's re-election bid.

Local elections offices are staying out of the politics.

"We want everybody who is eligible to vote to be able to vote" said Kramer.

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