Quiznos owner claims they were unfairly evicted from Downtown Tampa location

Tampa claims Quiznos owner abandoned business

TAMPA, Fla. - Office workers near Tampa's City Hall will have to walk a little further on their lunch break now that the Quizno's at the corner of Kennedy and Franklin is closed.


Law office employee Matt Hatfield will miss it more than most. "I went there once every single week without fail. I'd like it back," said Hatfield.

So would the owners, David and Lauren Cullen from Treasure Island, who are suing the City of Tampa for wrongful eviction and breach of contract.

The city, which owns the building, says the Cullens were the ones who  broke the contract.

"He was basically in default of his lease. It's pretty simple. He'd not paid his rent and he closed the business," said Bob McDonough, Tampa's Director of Economic Opportunity.

The Cullens, who through their attorney declined to comment, concede in the lawsuit that they did close the restaurant and fell behind in the rent, but intended to re-open after paying the back rent.

The Cullens are asking for damages and possession of the premises. But that could be complicated. The city has already leased the space to Holy Hog Barbeque which plans to open in a few months.

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