President Obama to announce 'concrete steps' to reduce gun violence in America

Poll shows most Americans favor gun law changes

TAMPA BAY - President Barack Obama is ready to announce a series of what he calls 'concrete proposals' to combat gun violence in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.   

A task force on the issue, headed up by Vice President Joe Biden, will present a list of possibly 19 different initiatives, some of which will require congressional approval, others need only the President's signature.  But three major changes to current gun laws will likely take center stage.

The boldest proposal expected from the White House will be to restore the ban on assault-style weapons that expired in 2004. But because over half the congress joins the NRA in opposing any and all gun control measures, it's unlikely to pass.

"The likelihood is they're not going to get an assault weapons ban," said NRA President David Keene.

Yet a Washington Post/ABC News poll shows 58 percent of Americans favor a return of the assault weapons ban, including Samantha Pfaff of Tampa.

"You don't need a military-grade weapon for self defense.  There's really no need.  That's kind of overkill," said Pfaff in the parking lot of a Tampa Walmart.

Another proposal is expected to be a ban on large-capacity ammo clips that allow the firing of dozens of rounds without re-loading.  Of those polled, 65% favor such a ban.

The third major proposal would be to close the so-called gun show loophole that allows gun buyers to skip the background check and three-day waiting period required when buying a gun at a traditional store.
Tim Wright, who keeps guns for protection, is wary of any law that makes it more difficult get guns, with exceptions.

"Maybe making it harder for criminals to get guns or making it harder for people with mental health problems to get guns makes sense," said Wright.

The President is scheduled to detail his proposals Wednesday morning at 11:45.

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