President Obama brings campaign to Tampa's Ybor City

Says he's on a 48-hour campaigning extravaganza

TAMPA - Thousands turned out Thursday morning as President Barack Obama gave a speech at a grassroots rally at Centennial Park in Ybor City. 

There was a resounding applause from the some 8,500 supporters in and around the park that grew even louder when the President said, "We are right in the middle of a 48-hour-fly around campaign extravaganza!"

They chanted, "Four more years," as President Obama waved to the crowd on his 14th trip to Florida this year.  What could be arguably the most important year of his presidency.

"Florida, you know me.  You know I say what I mean and mean what I say."

But he wasn't stumping alone.  Familiar Florida faces like Congresswoman Cathy Castor and Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, were on hand to get the crowd going as well.

"He had our back, Florida," said Crist. "Its time for us to have his back too!  Four more years!  Four more years!"

The President spoke for nearly 30 minutes; with very abbreviated version of his campaign platforms, but one he spent extra time with was women's health.

"Women should be making their own healthcare decisions," said President Obama.  "That's why the healthcare law has been passed, putting that choice in your hands, that's where it belongs and that's where its going to stay."

Immediately following the women's health conversation, President Obama had this to say in regards to Medicare.

"I will never, under the guise of reducing the deficit turn Medicare into a voucher, because American's shouldn't have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies." 

And of course, there was room for talk of Governor Mitt Romney during the rally.

"He's counting on you forgetting that his policies don't work.  He's hoping that you won't remember and you will come down with a case of… 'Romnesia'"

After he left Tampa, he headed to Virginia for yet another rally and then on to Chicago where he said he would be early voting for himself.  He will be the first sitting President to do so.

Very soon after Air Force One took off from Tampa, Governor Mitt Romney's camp released a statement in response to President Obama's rally in Ybor.  In that statement, a campaign spokesman said in part:

"President Obama says that trust matters, but Florida seniors already know that he cannot be trusted to preserve Medicare.  President Obama cut Medicare by over $700 million, which will force seniors off Medicare advantage and drive up out of pocket costs for current retirees and he has no plan to save Medicare for future generations."

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