Phone calls and door knocks by campaign volunteers could elect our next President

Person to person contact crucial in final days

TAMPA - Volunteers outnumber chairs at the Obama for President Campaign office in Ybor City.  About a dozen mostly young volunteers are seated on the floor, updating contact lists, calling likely voters and sending out a stream of tweets.

"We're kind of a wake up call for making sure voters get the information they need and know where to vote, which is crucial," said Katie Sprung, a volunteer neighborhood team leader.

Obama's campaign says this kind of effort in the final days of a campaign can be worth two to three percentage points, which could put them over the top in deadlocked Florida.  Even President Obama, in his visit to Ybor City on Thursday, admitted the other campaign tools have lost their edge.

"You've heard three debates, seen months of campaigning and way too many TV ads. I know you guys are sick of the TV ads," said Obama.

At the Romney field office in South Tampa, volunteers are trying to match the Obama volunteers call for call.

"In a state like Florida where there are tight elections, that extra phone call or door knock can really go a long way," says Jeff Bechdel, Florida communications director for the Romney campaign.

Even though the Romney-Ryan Campaign has half as many field offices in Florida as the Obama Campaign,  Bechdel says they're actually reaching more voters.

"Yesterday, a regular Wednesday, we contacted more than 150,000 folks around Florida."

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