Veepstakes: Mitt Romney's running mate a source of speculation as convention nears

Will Florida give us the next Vice President?

TAMPA - In the vice presidential guessing game known as the "Veepstakes",  two of the most talked about names are from Florida -- Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush.
Recent polls show they're both popular with Republican voters, but it takes more than popularity to make the cut.
Professor Susan MacManus of USF believe Bush and Rubio have an edge.

"They both speak Spanish fluently and are very good at mingling with Hispanic audiences, so to have someone with that ethnic diversity is a big thing for the party," said MacManus.

Marco Rubio as a Latino would be a historic choice, but so would New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez,  South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

"There's definitely a temptation to pick someone with a little bit of star power, a little bit of wattage to light up the trail," said ABC's Washington editor Rick Klein.

But Klein believes Mitt Romney's inclination is to play it safe. That would mean tapping seasoned establishment figures like Ohio Senator Rob Portman even though more than half of voters have scarcely heard of him.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Former Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty are also considered among the most likely picks for Vice President.

Even if the V.P.  doesn't come from Florida, MacManus is sure Senator Rubio and Jeb Bush will be front and center for the duration of the campaign.
"They are going to be a terrific asset to the party. They will both be given prominent speaking roles at the convention here in Florida you can bet.

Klein believes you can disregard the denials from both Bush and Rubio that they're even considering the job.

"Everyone denies wanting to be vice president up to the moment that they will be Vice President".

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