Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stumps for votes in Land O' Lakes on Saturday night

Romney reaches out to a variety of voters

LAND O' LAKES, Fla. - There are just ten days to go. That's the message Mitt Romney passed on to supporters who came to his rally in Land O' Lakes on Saturday night.
The former Massachusetts Governor touched on a number of domestic issues, trying to appeal to a wide range of voters in this final stretch.
Introduced by U.S. Senate candidate Connie Mack, Mitt Romney didn't waste any time zeroing in on what he calls President Obama's failed policies.

"This is a president who's not standing up to the scale of the times and the American people realize that we need to have somebody that's going to get this country on track," Romeny said.

To get the U.S. on track, Romney told the crowd he plans on repealing Obamacare. He says there's too much at stake this election, especially for seniors.

"So at a time in your life when healthcare means more to you than ever before in your life, the president has cut Medicare 716 billion dollars to pay for his vaunted Obamacare," Romney said.

The blame kept going to the Commander in Chief. Romney pointed out the millions people out of work and on food stamps.

"You don't hear the number two these days. That's the growth rate of our economy," Romney said. "The president said it was going to be 4.3 right now. It's growing at less than half the rate he predicted. Because of that, you're not seeing the job creation we need."

That's why Romney boasts his 5 point plan will jump start the economy, creating 12 million jobs and rising take home pay. That's one of many points his supporters walked away with.

"He's going to fix the economy," said Michael Berglind. "He's going to protect our military. He's for smaller government."

Romney also spoke to college kids, saying if he's elected, they'll have a job when they graduate.
He and Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will stump for votes together in Ohio Sunday.

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