Former Governor calls for new voting regulations, calling past election an embarassment for Florida

TAMPA - Under a gray sky, the state's leading "independent" voter, who now refers to himself as "Citizen Crist," took time to address something that he says really bothered him as a Floridian:  the embarrassing events of the not-decided-until-this-past-weekend 2012 election.

The former Governor was joined by local and state lawmakers in his support of a Bill being proposed to alleviate the long lines, long ballots, and long faces found in band around polling places last week.

Their proposal is to create more convenient early voting locations, extend the times that early voting is available and create a shorter, more concise ballot.

It's a bill that was originally drafted and put into play October 17, but those here are hoping it'll be in place by the time the next elections are held.

"You know, 49 other states were able to do it better than we were," said Charlie Crist. 

"We're able to do it better too, we just need the right leadership to get it done."

And Crist says the man who introduced the bill to change the current voting rules and regulations, Rep. Darryl Rouson, is just that leader. 

Rep. Rouson said that he's reaching across the aisle to Republicans to ensure this happens.

"The bill is evolving," he said.

"It is a work in process and we have talked to some and we're hopeful that more will come on board and I'm challenging them right now… this is not a partisan issue."

Rouson said he could see the problems headed down the road, bout couldn't' stop this past election's embarrassment.

He said that shouldn't happen again. 

The man who first brought early voting to Florida couldn't' agree more.

"I mean, we were 50th out of 50," said the former Governor, clearly irked by the implications of being last. 

"It's incomprehensible," he continued.  "Saturday came through, but nobody should have to wait that long, especially the people." 

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