Diner customers disagree over whether Romney or Obama won Wednesday night's presidential debate

Debates change no minds, but firm up opinions

TAMPA - Can one debate earn Mitt Romney more fans, or help him catch up with Obama in the polls?  Or does the Republican remain in a pickle?  

Nearly all the conservative-leaning customers at Nicko's Fine Foods in Seminole Heights thought Romney made hamburger of his opponent.

"He just ripped Obama apart because Obama was stumbling, 'uh uh uh'" said Bob Vallee sipping coffee at the counter.
"I didn't get that impression at all.  I think he did great," said Laura Starkey, sipping a lemonade at the left-leaning Cafe Hey in Downtown Tampa.

Starkey has an Obama bumper sticker on her car, but claimed to have watched the debate with an open mind.

"Romney could have probably made me feel a little better about him being someone we're stuck with, but he didn't," said Starkey.

Back at Nicko's, owner Nick Liakos says he's still undecided and the debate didn't change that.

"Last night, again the same thing from both of them -- promises, promises.  We've been hearing this for how many years now?  Have things gotten better?  No.

Whether you lunch left or right, common ground was reached when it came to the man in the middle of last night's debate.

Ted DeMyer, for one, will not be voting for Jim Lehrer.  

"I think the moderator lost control."

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