Democracy 2012: Tampa Bay area polling places - find out where you vote on election day

In order to help keep our community informed during this election season, we've compiled a list of links to find out where you will vote on Election Day in the Tampa Bay area.

Each county in our coverage area, with the exception of Desoto County, allows you to put in your house number and partial street name to find out your precinct and, therefore, your polling place on Election Day.

Most counties have a smaller list of locations that are open for early voting, which is also available on their respective websites or you can check this state-wide map:



Hillsborough County
Pinellas County
Pasco County
Polk County
Citrus County
Hernando County
Sarasota County
Manatee County
Highlands County
Hardee County
Desoto County  to find out where your precinct votes. If you're not sure of your precinct number, call 863-993-4871.
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