Crist and Scott use nearly identical ads to attack each other on the same issue

Duke Energy fees featured in political ads

Supporters of both Charlie Crist and Gov. Rick Scott are using Duke Energy and ABC Action News in their attack ads
"We Floridians are paying billions to the nation's largest power company and getting nothing in return," intones news anchor Brendan McLaughlin.
The ad paid for by a political action committee blames the current governor for rate payers being on the hook for two of Duke energy power plants – one damaged, the other never built.
"Rick Scott knew, but he's letting Duke keep collecting millions anyway," said the narrator of the 30-second commercial.
If you watch TV long enough, you'll inevitably see another ad against Crist using the same news clip introduction and nearly the same narration script. The only real difference is this ad, paid for by the Republican party of Florida, puts the blame for the Duke Energy fiasco on the other guy.
"Charlie Crist let it happen when he was governor," reads this announcer.
We asked political media expert Adam Goodman of the Victory Group what's going on.
"If this were not an issue they were concerned about, Brendan, you wouldn't have had that fast counter-war, the use of the same body of evidence to make a different point," Goodman said.
Goodman said the reason both campaigns dragged our newscast into it is for credibility.
"Whether it's U.S. News and World Report or ABC Action News we believe (a message) a lot more than if it just has the statement there without credibility," Goodman said.
The question remains, who's to blame for the Duke energy fiasco?
Former Democratic legislator, Jim Davis said the law allowing Duke Energy to collect money for future energy plants was enacted under Jeb Bush. But subsequent governors could
have worked to stop it.
"Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are each accountable for what happened on their watch," said Davis.
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