Ann Romney tours Moffitt Cancer Center, meets with fellow breast cancer survivors

Linda Hurtado goes one on one with Ann Romney

TAMPA - Ann Romney started her day early, co-hosting Good Morning America in New York where she got to talk about one of true passions, equine therapy. "You know, it's so extraordinary, what the horses do for us. For me, its balance, love.  It's joy."

Admitting live morning TV is a little out of the box for her, she laughed off moments like the one where her cooking segment started to go wrong. "They're burning. You've got to turn the grill down."

What's going right? Her husband's surge in the polls after a successful debate against President Obama.  

What does she think he needs to do to continue the momentum?

"Well I hope I'm helping. I hope I can do whatever I can. I loved the debate because it gave the American people a chance to see an unfiltered view of the person and they got to see and hear with their own eyes and ears that this is a really good guy. I was just in New York City and I can't tell you how many people told me they'd changed their vote, democrats voting for Obama that changed their vote after they watched the debate.  It's kind of a universal thing I'm hearing on the road right now," she said.

For her part, Mrs. Romney is keeping up pace with her partner.

She sat down to a one-on-one interview with ABC Action News's health reporter, Linda Hurtado, right after a lunchtime tour of Moffitt Cancer Center, where she met with more than a dozen breast cancer survivors.

What does she talk to survivors about, being a survivor herself?

"We share stories about what it was like, the diagnosis, what it felt like, how scared you were, what it was like to have treatment and how did you get through it, but beyond that, it's universal now. Yhese women are saying, 'we're here for other women'."

 Finally, when asked what she thought was the key to winning, she replied,  "More debates."

 Then she just smiled.

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