After 39 years, Brandon roadside pink elephant, purple camel, George Washington for sale in auction

Giant Pink Elephant a beloved landmark

BRANDON, Fla. - If your travels ever take you to Brandon Boulevard near the mall, you may have caught a glimpse of some colorful statuary behind a chain link fence.  

The brightly painted concrete figures can now be yours with the highest bid and a place to put them.

The solid concrete, life-sized renderings of General Washington on the back of a purple camel and an enormous pink elephant have kept a steady vigil on this stretch of Brandon boulevard since 1974 and have come alive in the imagination of locals.

"You put something in place for 39 years looking out at traffic, it becomes a person and not just an object to people," said Paula Yambor, the owner of the quirky collection.

Yambor is ready to sell her colorful characters along with the land and the building that used to house her late husbands nursery business.
Courtney Rogers, 21, on a break at the donut shop next door says the landmarks were an easy way to give direction in the area and she'll miss them when they're gone.

"If I had the money, I'd put it up, but I don't live on a big piece of land anyway," said Rogers.
Yambor's husband bought the statues from a customer in the '70's.   But Paula says they may have been built for a particular purpose during prohibition 50 years earlier.

"They're both hollow inside. There's a door in the back where they could put bootleg whiskey and go undetected," said Yambor.

Pinkie weighs a full ton so the high bidder will probably need a crane. And though everything's negotiable, Paula Yambor would rather not break up the old gang.

"Selling them together would be better.  They've been together for so long, I'd hate to split them up," said Yambor with a smile.

As of Thursday, bidding was up to $500 dollars for the General and $1100 dollars for "Pinkie" the elephant.

To take a look at them (or perhaps put in a bid) before they are taken away, drive by at 1350 W. Brandon Blvd. in Brandon.

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