Pinellas County remembers Charley as "The storm that missed"

10 years ago today, Hurricane Charley was making landfall in Florida.  In Pinellas County, it was known as the storm that "missed them."
Now, we're learning that "close call" is changing the way people in Pinellas County prepare for the worst.
"We have a cinder block building on the other side of our home here that we'd hide in," explained Judy Boggs of Robin Lane.  Right now, that building is her laundry room.
It's not ideal, but she thinks it's better than what she did 10 years ago.
"At the last minute we evacuated to Orlando," said Boggs. "Bad mistake."
Hurricane Charley ended up changing course, and hitting the Orlando area instead.
Boggs experience isn't uncommon, which is why she and many of her neighbors tell ABC Action News they won't flee if there's another big storm. 
Many tell us they simply keep their generators in good condition and stock up on supplies when necessary.
County officials say they're concerned about what they call "hurricane amnesia," saying they hope people still take hurricanes seriously, even though Charley missed Pinellas County, and even though there hasn't been a direct hit to the area in many, many years.
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