NFL increases penalties for domestic violence

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Thursday the league is taking a tougher stance on players charged with domestic violence.
This comes in the wake of a backlash the NFL faced for a penalty handed down to Ravens running back Ray Rice.
Surveillance video showed Rice dragging his then fiance out of an elevator after knocking her unconscious.
Many fans don't think Rice's two-game suspension was harsh enough.
In a letter to team owners, Goodell admitted Thursday he got it wrong, announcing an automatic six game suspension for any player charged with domestic violence or sexual assault for the first offense.
If there is a second offense, that player could be banned from the league.
"Certainly, it's just a first step, but it's a good first step," said Mindy Murphy.
Murphy is the president of The Spring of Tampa Bay, a domestic violence center.
"My hope is that more men will feel empowered by the actions that the NFL took to speak their minds and to really call out other men who are choosing violence as a way of controlling the people around them," said Murphy.
Those penalties are part of a bigger picture that includes training for team personnel to identify risk factors and incorporating domestic violence and sexual assault awareness into public service work.
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