Neighbors react to accused theater shooter Curtis Reeves bonding out of jail

PASCO COUNTY, Fla - Accused movie theater shooter Curtis Reeves is serving house arrest at his Brooksville home.

On Friday an appellate court sent the 71-year-old home on $150,000 bond after spending nearly six months behind bars.

Reeves is accused of shooting Chad Oulson inside the Cobb movie theater on January 13th in a dispute over texting.

While he is free, the judge put him under strict guidelines allowing him to only leave the house for church, doctors’ appointments and trips the supermarket.

As for his neighbors, they had mixed emotions regarding his return to the neighborhood.

"He seemed like a nice and normal guy," said neighbor Austin White.

White and his family live just a few doors down from Curtis Reeves. The retired Tampa police captain will remain under house arrest, at his home in Brooksville until his trial. The charges against Reeves stunned the nation and left many of his neighbors asking why.   

"I don't think that’s really a victory for justice,” said White.  “I think that’s somewhat more delaying the inevitable, I think that he's going to get what he deserves for killing someone’s father and husband."

Attorneys for Oulson's widow Nicole echoed that sentiment.

"She wanted this guy to be behind bars for the rest of her life, rightfully so,” said TJ Grimaldi. “Now this man who ripped a family apart and tore them to pieces is now able to be home, to his own bed, and see his family."

But not everyone feels that way, we also spoke with Reeves next door neighbor who tells us he never felt Reeves was a danger to the community and expected him to bond out before this, choosing to reserve judgment until all the facts are laid out in court.

Surveillance video shows Reeves and Oulson on the night of the shooting, but reeves attorneys say he acted in self-defense after an argument ensued between the two men.

As for white, while his opinion of his neighbor may have changed he doesn't consider Reeves a threat.

"I feel safe, the neighborhood is a pretty safe place,” said White. “I just think that may have been a result of him snapping and him not in his right mind."

Reeves has also been ordered to turn over his fire arms and wear an ankle monitor through the duration of his release.

His next hearing is in September where he faces second degree murder charges.

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