WATCH: First drop of Kings Island's new roller coaster, "Banshee"

It's not a big glimpse - but a glimpse nonetheless. One of your favorite Midwest amusement parks is gearing up to open its newest, record-breaking roller coaster and we've got your sneak peek.

In the video above, you can see Kings Island's new roller coaster, Banshee, in action with a plummet down the 150-foot curved first drop during a test run.

The amusement and water park, located in Mason, Ohio, is showing off the roller coaster's moves in anticipation of its public debut on April 18, when Kings Island opens for the summer.

The roller coaster comes with 4,124 feet of track and seven inversions (turning upside down).

Watch the video above for a quick look at the first drop of the coaster, and watch the one below for an computer-animated version that gives you a point-of-view look at how the coaster will go.



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