Obama's economic focus seeks to unify Democrats

President Barack Obama is seeking to cut though the clamor of foreign policy crises to emphasize his economic message and unify Democrats behind an election-year message centered on jobs and better opportunities for the middle class.
Tuesday, the president heads to Pittsburgh for a tour of TechShop, where he is expected to announce new initiatives to help innovators and entrepreneurs team up with schools, tech shops and city planners.
The summer focus comes amid signs that the economy is steadily climbing out of the recession. But jobs and wages are still the main preoccupation for many voters.
Over the next four weeks the White House is planning to focus on several economic fronts, from manufacturing and innovation this week to working families next week to infrastructure and new plant openings. President Obama's themes will range from education and good wages, to job training and tax fairness.
Republicans say the public's economic anxieties could ultimately hurt Democrats in the fall elections.
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