New fan fare at Bucs games

TAMPA, Fla. - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their newest culinary lineup Wednesday, which includes some of Tampa's classics as well as ye ol' classic pirate-themed fare.

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The Bucs teamed up with Aramark to reveal the latest concession offerings. At the Taste of Tampa, located near sections 112 & 137, game-goers can feast on the classic Cuban sandwich, or partake in some yucca or sweet potato fries. 

The Desoto Street Deli, located at sections 107 & 132, offers some classic deli favorites like a hot pastrami sandwich.

You can find Margherita and pepperoni pizza at the Pizza Plank, located at sections 109 & 134. And for bacon-lovers everywhere, you can find the BLT at Red Sail Spice, located at sections 114 & 139, or twists on favorites like the Red Sail Dog (a hot dog with Sriracha mustard, pickled cabbage and scallions) or Cannon Fire Nachos (tortillas with Cuban pork, chorizo crumbles, jalapenos and pico de gallo.)

You can also find burgers and wings, along with a classic chicken sandwich at the Bay Burger (sections 118 & 143) and Chicken Coup (sections 103 & 129).

These are just some of the newest menu offerings in the stadium's overhaul of the 14 concession locations along the main concourse.

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