Florida National Guard gets updated equipment

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - One of the National Guard's top leaders reports that soldiers have more access to better equipment than in any other time he can remember.   Assistant Adjutant Gen. Don Tyre says the nation has spent more than $30 billion on new equipment in recent years.

The new equipment has helped elevate the Guard's operational response at home and overseas.

Gen. Tyre says while the federal government was upgrading the Guard's equipment, the state of Florida also helped with building renovations.

Many National Guard facilities are over 50 years old and they will be upgraded to current code.  Gen. Tyre says Florida has spent about $30 million over the past two years to help the guard upgrade its facilities across Florida.  
The state's National Guard soldiers have been called up again and again over the past decade to serve in war zones. Some soldiers have been deployed as many as four times.  Those multiple deployments took a heavy toll on equipment.

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