More Winter weather, another snowstorm, delays flights nationwide from Boston to Sacremento

TAMPA - Passengers across the country are bracing for a long day at airports.  Heavy snow in the northeast and thunderstorms in the southwest have many flights delayed or even canceled.

According to Tampa Bay International Airports website, nearly thirty departing flights have either been canceled or delayed, and across the nation, it gets even worse.

Flight tracking service Flight Aware says airlines nationwide preemptively canceled nearly 1500 flights in anticipation of some harsh weather Monday.

At TPA, flights to Boston, DC, New York, Baltimore and much of the northeast have been delayed or canceled.

If you are flying west to Phoenix or Sacramento, expect delays there as well.

Weird weather around the country continued through the weekend and into Monday morning. Sunday, an entire neighborhood in Montana showed up to help dig out a house after an avalanche buried the home Sunday afternoon.

Washington DC is one of the hardest hit airports Monday, expecting nearly a foot of snow to dumped on the are by late afternoon.

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