Dog may have found her way back to owners after two years using scent

In what seems like a miracle, a California family may have their golden retriever back, two years since wandering off.  
Murphy, a 5-year-old female golden retrieve, who ran away during a camping trip two years ago may have found her owners and home by smelling for her old blanket and their clothes.
The El Dorado Hills owners, Nathan and Erin Braun, told ABC News affiliate KXTV that they were camping at the Hell Hole Reservoir in October 2012 when Murphy wandered off.
The family posted ads and flyers, never giving up hope they would one day be reunited with Murphy. 
Then, a couple of weeks ago, a camper, Jason Smith, said he spotted a golden retriever that looked like Murphy at a nearby campground, and alerted the Brauns.
Without hesitation, the Brauns drove to French Meadows Reservoir on June 7, about 11 miles from where Murphy disappeared.  Aside from hope that it was Murphy, they also took her blanket and a ball cap belonging to Nathan. 
Smith placed the items next to his campsite and was amazed at what happened next.
"The very first night I laid it out, I heard some movement," Smith said. "There was Murphy sleeping on the blanket. And right there I knew, that's Murphy. That's their dog. It was curled up with its head on the hat."
Smith was able to leash Murphy by the end of the week and had a friend notify the Brauns, who returned Sunday to pick up the dog.
It was very touching and the whole family was crying, according to Smith.
The Brauns took the retriever home, but noticed some "subtle" physical differences between Murphy and the dog they brought home, creating a shred of doubt about the dog's identity. 
Nathan Braun said they are "99-percent certain" it is Murphy but are awaiting DNA tests to confirm it.
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