Couple says daily sex for 30 days brought them closer

We've heard about a husband who wrote up a spreadsheet of reasons why his wife didn't want to have sex , but now we're hearing from a couple on the opposite side of the spectrum.
They had sex every day, for a month and then wrote about it.
The Utah couple has two kids, two hectic jobs, and they also had about a million excuses for not being intimate. "I'm tired; I don't feel well; I don't like how I look, I have to lose another ten pounds," said Meg Conley. But the 29-year-old Utah mom told ABC News she was worried she was losing touch with her husband, and she decided to do something about it.
"He got home from work that night and I was like, 'What if we just have sex every night for the next month?'" Conley said. "And he was like, 'Yeah! What if we DO?'" laughed Conley. "So, we DID!"
Conley said it took some effort to psych herself up after a long day, but the couple says it has brought them closer. "We did talk a lot more. We became much more generous; less selfish," said Riley Bingham, Conley's husband.
Conley wrote about their journey on her blog, "Meg in Progress," striking a chord with couples. Some said it was "brilliant," others said the whole thing was "oversimplified." 
But it seemed to work out okay for them. "It added excitement," said Conley. "He would come home from work and he'd come into the kitchen, like, pick me up and twirl me around. It felt like we were kids again and we were, we were talking more to each other. We  got on the same team again."
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