'Coolest Cooler' Kickstarter campaign asks for $50k, gets more than $12 million

It's a cooler with almost a dozen bells and whistles (blender, speakers, charger) and it appears by its massive backing that thousands agree it is indeed the "Coolest Cooler," like the name implies.

An Oregon-based Kickstarter campaign for the newest, "coolest" version of the standard cooler hoped to drum up $50,000 for the project. Instead, it's received more than $12.6 million, and with hours left on the campaign, that number's still climbing. 

Some of the features, along with the built-in blender, waterproof speakers and USB charger, include a bottle opener, light, and even a cutting board. 

You can check it out here for yourself and maybe even get one for next season's tailgate. So what do you think: Is it the "coolest" cooler? 

A lot of people sure think so.

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