Colorado woman battling cancer seeks home for best friend, dog companion Sherlock

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Pat Cudd and her dog, Sherlock, are the best of friends -- companions through and through. But Cudd has cancer and she's worried about what that will mean for Sherlock.

"We have Sherlock -- my companion of about four years. My sole companion and the love of my life," said Cudd. "I love this dog so much but I can't care for him anymore because I've got, well, stage 4 metastatic breast cancer -- for those who know about it."

Cudd said she wants to find Sherlock a good home, but it's been hard because her time is short and her best friend is a pit bull mix.

"I know pit bulls have a terrible rep, but I'll tell you, they are the most devoted," said Cudd.

Cudd said Sherlock was adopted from the Longmont Humane Society.

"He was sitting on this cot, and just looked forlorn. My son and I looked at him and just fell in love," she said.

Cudd said Sherlock is very smart and sensitive, and he knows when he is being treated right and wrong. She also said a family with no other pets would be best.

"An ideal [home] would definitely be a family that likes to be active, sometimes, you can see him, he's an athletic dog, he's an energetic dog," said Cudd.

But for a family that needs love, Cudd said Sherlock's a giver.

"He gives it right back to you when you're affectionate to him -- he's right there for you," she said. "He's changed my life. He's made my life bearable. He's a reason to live."

Anyone interested in adopting Sherlock should send an email to or call 970-775- 0797.

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