At least 2 dead after airliner crashes, partially burns at San Francisco Int'l Airport

SAN FRANCISCO - A Boeing 777 flying from South Korea crash landed and partially burned at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday afternoon.

According to, San Francisco EMS reported 291 passengers, including an infant, were aboard the Asiana airliner when it crashed as it landed on the runway. Flight 214 was traveling from Seoul, South Korea, to San Francisco, according to

At a Saturday night news conference, officials announced that all 307 passengers and crew on board had been accounted for, of which 123 were injured and 2 were dead.

A crash witness, Stephen Dear, described to ABC News that the "nose of the plane was higher than usual for a plane coming in to land and I thought that was odd. It got closer and closer. I saw the back tail hit the ground."

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown told the Associated Press the plane was coming from South Korea and was supposed to land on runway 28 left at San Francisco International Airport.

She said the sequence of events was still unclear, but it appeared the plane landed and then crashed

Live video from the scene showed a piece of the plane in water at the edge of the runway, followed by a long line of debris to the point the plane came to rest in dirt off the runway.

Sequenced photos of the crash and ensuing fire showed a column of smoke began billowing from the front of the plane's fuselage, and eventually, flames covered a large portion of the front and middle of the plane. The outer shell of the cockpit was no visibly burned.

A stark photo posted on Instagram by 'radicaldudejom' showed the plane still in flames with smoke billowing after it crashed.

A national security official told CNN there were no signs of terrorism from the plane crash.

In a statement posted on her account, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said she, some family and colleagues were scheduled to be on the flight, but decided to switch airlines. We switched to United so we could use miles for my family's tickets," Sandberg posted on Facebook. "Our flight was scheduled to come in at the same time, but we were early and landed about 20 minutes before the crash."

Sandberg posted that her friend, David Eun, was on the flight, but was "fine." A tech leader himself, Eun identifies himself as the "Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics" on his Facebook.

Eun took the closest image of the plane, seen crashed off the runway, with smoke billowing from the opposite side of the plane. It also showed rescue chutes deployed and passengers leaving the plane.

From his Twitter account @Eunner, he tweeted, "Fire and rescue people all over the place. They're evacuating the injured. Haven't felt this way since 9/11."

Stefanie Laine Turner, who tweeted she was at a Marriott hotel across the water from the runway, snapped what appeared to be an image of the plane crashing, with a dust trail seen as the plane continued to skid down the runway. " I just watched it happen," Turner tweeted, "Too freaked out to turn on my TV."

She added, "We saw the rescue slides come out, not sure whether that means there were survivors."

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