"Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay" diagnosed with Herpes B but doing well and still under quarantine


Cornelius, the "mystery monkey of Tampa Bay," was tested positive for Herpes B but is otherwise doing pretty well in quarantine. He's in a cage, eating bananas and surrounded by other monkeys. 
The woman who the monkey bit a few weeks ago that started the hunt for Cornelius has been getting treatment for any possible exposures. She is reported to be in good shape.
The monkey had successfully eluded Florida Fish and Wildlife officials and trappers for years. 
Cornelius was taken to the Animal Hospital of Northwood in Safety Harbor, where he underwent a physical examination and is quarantined for 30 days.  After that, a sanctuary with other rhesus macaque monkeys will likely adopt him. 
The mystery monkey Facebook page had more than 86,000 likes as of Wednesday night.  Many people leaving comments complained that the monkey deserved to be left alone.  Others said they hoped he would have the chance for a better life. 
For those St. Pete residents who became used to his antics, Cornelius was a novelty that won't soon be forgotten. 
"We're going to miss him," Elizabeth Fowler, a resident of the neighborhood Cornelius frequented, said.  "But you know, he deserves to have a family, too." 
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