Mother searches for her son's dog after his death in a fatal car crash, jogger finds pet

SEFFNER, Fla. - UPDATE: The dog that went missing after it's owner, Daniel Selzer, died in a Seffner car crash Friday has been found, officials confirm .

Selzer's mother began to search for the missing dog after learning it survived the crash but took off because it was frightened.

The dog was found by a jogger in the Lakewood Road area.

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A mother, who lost her son in a car accident on Friday, is on a search.

Daniel Selzer suffered fatal injuries after an accident on Lakewood Drive on Friday. His German Shepherd, named Eddie, survived the impact but took off into Limona Park. According to a Sheriff's deputy, he was scared.

Now Selzer's mother, Shirlee Gorka, is searching for Eddie.

She lost her husband six months ago and now her only son from a deadly car crash. The one thing that might ease the pain is the return of her son's German Shepherd. 

"Oh, he's my grand-dog," Gorka said. "This is for Eddie. come home. We're waiting."

Gorka is from Ohio, and she doesn't plan on leaving until she finds Eddie.

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