Mother-daughter duo smuggle pills into Pinellas County Jail

Mom now joins daughter in jail

A mother-daughter duo was busted for reportedly smuggling pills into the Pinellas County Jail in Clearwater.
Mary Ann Albertson now joins her 27-year-old daughter Janelle Albertson behind bars.
Both have been charged with conspiracy to introduce contraband to a county detention facility and introduction of contraband to a county detention facility.
"Desperate people do desperate things," said Maj. Timothy Slaughter of Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. "You have to be pretty brave."
Slaughter said Mary Ann hid dozens of pills, including Xanax and morphine, in a public restroom at the jail.
An inmate worker picked up the pills and delivered them to Janelle, said Slaughter, who said Janelle sold the pills in jail for things like shoes, phone cards and commissary goods.
Other inmates spilled the beans to deputies.
"Inmates that are willing to say something and a great investigative team. That's how you put this stuff together," Slaughter told ABC Action News.
Slaughter admits that if it wasn't for whistle-blowing inmates, this scheme would likely have gone on for a lot longer. 
"It's a big place, and they have a lot of time to think about trying to get over on us and we have to stay one step ahead," Slaughter said.
Janelle Albertson was already in jail on other drug charges with a bond set at $60,000.
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