More wild temperature swings expected across U.S.

What would it be like if we skipped August? Or instead of skipping August, we discover a month in between July and August that's hotter than both?

We're about to find out at the end of next week.

The end of July and the beginning of August will be two very different weather stories across the U.S.

The jet stream is acting up again, and you'll likely hear more "polar vortex" talk.

By the end of the week and it just so happens, the end of the month, the jet stream is going to travel way to the north in the western half of the country while it dives south in the eastern half.

This means heat will build to unbearable levels west of the Rocky Mountains (hence, this new, hotter, and yet-to-be-named month) while east of the mountain range, it'll feel like we skipped August and fast-forwarded to September.

Strangely enough, the jet stream has been fairly active during the second half of this month since normally, July is a relatively boring time of year for the jet stream.

Whether this pattern will continue is yet to be seen, but right now, it looks like the first full week of August will be a little cool in the East while things continue to cook in the West.

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