Men admit they need women for help making healthy choices

UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - A University of Michigan study is revealing interesting dynamics about the way we eat. Specifically, the way we eat in relationships.

The study, quoted by TIME, says married men eat their vegetables simply to avoid a dinner table fight. Researchers surveyed 83 African American men about their eating habits. Many of the men acknowledged that they needed help from their wives for nutritious eating. The men also said when they were forced to eat healthy, they ate more junk food outside the house.

The men didn't seem to mind the diet changes but said they'd like to have a say in them.

Doctors believe this might be the key to better overall eating. They think couples should communicate about the types of food decisions they make to create better health awareness.

Researchers are quick to point out that this is only one side of the equation. They now hope to survey the wives to better understand choices made around the family table.

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