Maximize your tax-free holiday savings this weekend

TAMPA - It's almost time for the kids to go back to school but first, there's one more hurdle for parents. Moms and dads, it's up to you to get all the clothes, backpacks, pens and pencils your little ones will need.

The task sounds daunting but at least there's some monetary relief. All weekend long, you can shop tax-free for many school supplies and clothes.

We went looking for the best advice to make the most of your savings.

Liza Ford runs the coupon site . She says the first key is doing your homework.

"Check the sales," Liza instructs. "There are a lot of stores that have really good sales and some of them will even price match. like a lot of the office supply stores will price match, Walmart will price match. So if you want to just hit up one store, that's a good option for you. Call Walmart ahead of time and find out what coupons they accept as competitors and then bring those ads in with you."

Liza also reminds us that coupons, combined with sales and tax-free shopping adds up to big savings.

"Coupons are saving you big bucks and they're there for the taking so take advantage of them. has tons of school supply coupons available right now. You can print out coupons for glue sticks, for pens, for trapper keepers, for backpacks that kind of thing. there are so many options for coupons," says Liza.

Liza's created a one stop shop for coupons. her website, has a search engine to find coupons for nearly everything on your back to school list.
for those who prefer online shopping, Liza has a few additional tips.

"A lot of the stores have promotions online. So you can check out or The Gap or whatever and see what kind of deals they have going this weekend. Maybe free shipping or maybe online coupons you can use. Then there are cash back websites that you can use like and and they're going to give you almost like an instant rebate off the price you end up paying using their website."

Check out the link to Florida's Tax-Free Holiday exempt list .

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