Temple Terrace street hit hard by flood water

One the worst hit areas from Friday’s rain is a cluster of homes in Temple Terrace.
Busch Oaks Street residents had to act quickly to make sure flood waters did not get into homes. Thirteen houses on the street received some degree of flooding.
Six inches of water flooded the garage of Shawn Harris. His family kept it out by filling garbage bags with sand Harris collected in a garbage can.
The water from an adjoining apartment complex pushed a car into a small wall. The wall gave way and the water came rushing onto Busch Oaks Street. 
A few homes had water and muck inside. In most of the 13 homes water filled the garage and soaked cars.
ABC Action News obtained security camera video of the rushing flood water.
Time lapse shows the flood quickly rising against a car in the driveway. Another angle of the video shows the back deck of a home separating and floating away with debris in the backyard.
"I feel like we are living on a lakefront,” Kelli Snow said.
ABC Action News called the Hillsborough County Emergency Management Office about the flooding.
Afterward a county representative arrived to assess the water. The Red Cross opened a shelter for the people on this street affected.
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