Website ranks the top Tampa neigborhoods for extramarital affairs

The website Ashley Madison, which caters to people who cheat on their significant others, has released data that it says show people in Tampa are having extra-marital affairs in record numbers. 
It even ranks the city's most unfaithful neighborhoods.
Westchase topped the list, according to the website, followed by Carrollwood, Hyde Park, Brandon and New Tampa.
Longtime Westchase resident Kelly Scoggins, who is married, said the research seemed accurate.
"I think it is funny, but it does not surprise me," said Scoggins. "People like their lifestyle and perhaps don't want to give it up."
Affluence is a key reason for infidelity, according to Ashley Madison. A company spokesperson said its website has more than 25 million subscribers. It not only caters to cheaters, but it encourages extramarital relationships. Its homepage says, "Life is short. Have an affair."
Lisa Brock, who owns the public relations firm Brock Communications and works as an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa, had major concerns over the findings.
"For Ashley Madison, a company that is promoting infidelity, to be reporting on their own success – it leaves an ethical question unanswered,” she said.
Brock has done her own research on the subject
"They are self-reporting, so was that research audited? Was there proper oversight?" Brock asked.
A spokesperson for Ashley Madison stands by the findings and explained the numbers were determined by its own members. Nearly 50,000 users participated, answering basic questions that included their zip code. 
Brock still doesn't buy it.
"I personally would dismiss it because I have professional knowledge. But most people reading that study would not have the background of what I do for a living, so they may take it more to heart," said Brock.
Scoggins certainly does and said she's already sharing it with her friends.
"No, I would not dismiss at all!" Scoggins said.

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